JCI Lier isn’t slowing down during this global pandemic and has started a new project! Heroes for Emma allows you to support charity while working on your body! Don’t worry, everyone can participate everywhere and anytime so this project is completely coronaproof!

What charity are we supporting?

The fund Emma Deprince is a non-profit organisation that originates from Emma Deprince’s estate. She was born in Lier in 1884, and died almost 105 (!) years later in 1989. In her inheritance, she bequeathed her entire assets to a good cause: helping children and young people of difficult situations with basic needs. Read more about the fund here.

What was that about my body?

Simply depositing money for a good cause isn’t very inspiring so we went searching for something more. Doesn’t it feel much better to participate in an exciting global challenge? In these difficult times (Emma had not foreseen corona), group activities are not always an option. Therefore we searched for a digital solution and we proudly present our initiative to virtually travel around the world!

By supporting our charity with a rate of your choice you can find in the webshop, you gain access to the MyVirtualMission platform. Customized sponsor packages for companies are also available by e-mailing to gemeenschap@jcilier.be. All our sport activities will be added on a travel map on this platform to show our combined goal to a journey around the world and even further! Expect weekly leaderboards for the most active participants and intermediate goals as our joined efforts are being uploaded. Let your inner competitive beast roam free, no time to hold back!

What’s JCI?

Heroes for Emma is a project by JCI Lier, a local division of a worldwide network of ambitious young people with a hunger for knowledge, a nose for ambiance and a commitment to their society. In addition to its local activities and committees, JCI offers divers activities and (international) conferences where everyone can find something of interest. And of course it’s the ideal start for expanding your profesional network and building lifetime friendships.

Discover us on www.jcilier.be and like us on Facebook!