Yes, you can also win stuff!

We’ll work with collective milestones during the event. Every time a milestone is reached, a prize is awarded. There are 7 prices in total, each sponsored by one of our partners! How to win each prize? See below, and get your *** moving!

  1. The person that has walked / ran the farthest distance in the past week. Track your own progress with the built-in leaderboard on MyVirtualMission!
  2. The person that has cycled the farthest distance in the past week.
  3. The person that has moved the most in general in the past week (all activities combined, go skiing, if you like!).
  4. Repeat nr 1
  5. Repeat nr 2
  6. Repeat nr 3
  7. Popularity prize! Post photos while you’re moving in the MyVirtualMission app or on our Facebook. We’ll select the funniest / coolest / fanciest photo of the bunch so make sure you stand out to win this one πŸ˜‰

We thank our sponsors for sponsoring these additional prizes!