There are 4 rates to choose from, each rate gives you access to the MyVirtualMission platform and possibly some extras. Higher rates give us more opportunity to support the Emma Deprince fund. So if you are interested in supporting the children in need in our city, as well as taking up a sportive challenge it would be greatly appreciated. Two thumbs up!

  • €19,75 – Regular mission access. Thank you for being a hero!
  • €30,00 – We send you a reusable water bottle as a thank you, along with access to the mission.
  • €50,00 – We thank you with a beautiful medal! The medal is nicely packaged with a stand so you can flaunt it to your friends 😉 Mission access included.
  • €100,00 – Wow! Amazing! In return for this amazing support, you get one free online session with our partner and coach Movup on top of access to the mission.
  • €xx,xx – You can also donate an amount of your choice for everyone who still wants to support our charity but isn’t able to cover distances by exercising. Access to the MyVirtualMission platform is not included but our deepest thanks is!
  • If for example you’d like to purchase a sponsorship package as a company for all your employees to join in working out: contact us at gemeenschap@jcilier.be.

Disclaimer: if you live halfway accross the world in a hard to reach spot, it might not be easy to get a package to you with your prize. We reserve the right to deviate from the physical prizes, but we will try to work out an alternative way of showing our gratitude for your support.

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